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Try handwriting that is easy and can be truly beautiful when it comes from your own hand: calligraphy.

A visitor to this site asks, "I need an objective and reasons to teach and what the clients would get out of it and what they would learn, could you please help me . . .?" So, I came up with some objectives for introducing calligraphy to her students:

1. encourages development of fine motor coordination

2. as with any art form, calligraphy tends to help calm the artist, allow new insights into thought patterns about other matters in life (Winston Churchill wrote a good book on "Painting as a Pastime")

3. well-formed calligraphy lettering is a life-long developmental effort, artists get better the more the skill is used and it becomes more satisfying with each additional experience.

4. there are social rewards when others admire the finished work or when there is increased letter writing fostering deeper communication between correspondents

5. there are practical applications in everyday life when certificates of appreciation or award are hand-lettered, direction signs are quickly lettered, poetry and other quotations are framed for decor

Anyone have other thoughts? I will pass them along to this teacher.

Hello! A little about me: my name is Chuck McGavren and I teach calligraphy. While I have ten years' experience in the classroom as a part-time non-credit adult education instructor, I'm trying something new by taking my lessons to the Internet. I want both teachers and students to learn some things to make their calligraphy projects more fun and personally rewarding.

Use good design along with new tools and methods I show here for compelling visual presentations. See my e-mail address at the end of this page if you have some things you would like me to discuss on these pages. I take special requests!

Recent student requests show there is an interest in a greater variety of letter forms. Check out the full alphabet pages I have added to the list of lessons. These full alphabet examples do not have a lot of instructional notes with them. They serve as model alphabets for students who have already had a little practice on the first lessons. I have included a couple sheets of letters I drew with my left hand for those of you who would like to try left hand calligraphy.

Lessons . . . . .

Here there are lessons for the basic individual Chancery (italic) lower case letters. Following these are the full alphabet pages for Chancery, Gothic, left hand Gothic and a shadow effect Gothic (helps students think about the negative space surrounding letters). All these pages are linked from the "Lessons" page.

Also check these links for more information from trusted sources

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and follow the path: /Arts/Visual Arts/Art Techniques/Miscellaneous
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Chuck McGavren's e-mail:

Of course I'm always interested in receiving e-mail from fellow professionals and students about things that interest them. I look forward to hearing from you!

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